Thursday, April 29, 2010

Me Hungry.

If these "trying economic times" become too trying and almost every restaurant was forced to close, what are the Top5 establishments that I would hope could remain open? Hmmmmmmmm...........

5. Storm's (Lampasas, Burnett, etc TX) - Because of the grim circumstances in which I find myself having to choose, it would be wise to find a Hamburger Joint that I really like. Let's face it, everybody craves a good burger every once in a while. I've never tasted a better burger than the one this grease pit has to offer. The extreme danger involved in pulling in/pulling out of this establishment's parking lot is rewarded after you feel the grease from the initial bite pouring down your chin. But seriously, exiting the parking lot is extremely dangerous as the traffic from H183 whizzes by. It is like what Indiana Jones had to go through in his attempt to nab the Cup O' Christ in "The Last Crusade."

4. Olive Garden (anytown, USA) - If I can only eat at 5 restaurants then I'm gonna have to choose one that serves Italian. I love a salad and no place makes a better one IMNSHO. Something to try: When they serve the house salad accompanied with the Italian dressing, ask for some Ranch on the side. Mix it in. Gastronomic Nirvana.

3. Mary's Cafe (Strawn, Texas) - Eating a Chicken Fried Steak at Mary's was ranked somewhere in Texas Monthly's list (Bucket List) of things you must experience in Texas before you die. Surprisingly, in my 200+ visits there, I cannot recall ever ordering the Chicken Fry.


Hear me out. First of all, Chicken Fried Steak is not one of my favorite dishes. It took all I had just to order one from the Bull Nettle in Stephenville, TX after it was advertised that the beef came directly from Nolan Ryan's ranch in Alvin. Second, Mary's has nightly specials throughout the week such as All U Can Eat Catfish, Chicken Fajitas, Sirloin Steak, and I believe Chicken Fried Steak. This restaurant would be a very wise choice for someone who was facing the possibility of only having the opportunity to eat at 5 restaurants.

2. Lowake Steak House (Rowena, Texas) - Not only is this small West-Central Texas town the birthplace of Bonnie Parker (Bonnie and Clyde), it is also home to the first sirloin steak that made me cuss with satisfaction. "SONUVAB**CH, THIS TASTES SO FU#*IN' GOOD!", I exclaimed a little too loudly as a family of four looked at me with agreement yet disproval of my offensive outburst. I ate so much that I had to be escorted out like John Candy in The Great Outdoors." Thinking about that well-seasoned piece of meat, cooked medium to medium-well with french fries and A-1 sauce still makes me drool like Homer Simpson.

1. BJ's (Mingus, Tx) - Yes, that was my hometown for 18+ yrs. You can't wash Mingus off either.I've tried. And until "Anything for a Shot: The Life and Times of Video Joe" hits theaters, Mingus will always be known as the town that has the greatest pizza that I...and everyone I know have ever eaten. still maybe known as a town of 212 that at one time hosted 10 bars, but I digress...
If I was to be executed tomorrow, after my "Plea of Ignorance" fell flat, a large pepperoni pizza with a cold Miller Lite (6) would be my last meal. I don't wanna hear it, Waits. The pizza is delicious and the beer is Ice Cold. Well...that is until my friend, Terri S.(shoutout) decides you've drank to the point of not caring if she replaces your glass or not.

Shoutout to Smokestack Restaurant (Thurber, TX) - Great food...great people.

Stay Hard, Stay Hungry, Stay Alive



Waits said...


Joko said...

great the idea....

if i only have five restaurants to eat no particular order:

5. Peony's Chinese (fort worth, TX) - I love Chinese food and this is one of my favorites...lots of history here including the time me and lyle got our picture with Budda rubbing his belly......

4. Chipotle (various locations around the USA)- I really love these burritos

3. Lowake/Mary's - best steak I have ever had at a restaurant at lowake's and mary's is my favorite local establishment. (only combined b/c they were previously mentioned)

2. Herd's (Jacksboro, TX) - the best burger you can buy....Double/Double Hot....(double meat/double cheese/with jalapenos)

1. Joe T. Garcia's (fort worth, TX) - great fajitas and atmosphere.

B.J. said...

Ok, since we are ristricted to restaurants I have to throw out my parents cooking. Even though, I and many others have found it to be the best they've had. So, here we go.

5. Chicken Express,various Texas locales, Yes I know it's fast food but for good fried chicken, mainly strips, it's pretty darn good. There's just something about that batter skin.

4. Buffet City, Abilene Texas, Because I like some Chinese too. When I have Chinese I like cheese won tons, I know wierd, they are tasty. Buffet CIty has the larges and just about tastiest ones I've found not to mention an equally tasty selection of your favorite dishes.

3. Jake and Dorothy's, Stephenville Texas, We all know that their combination of Chicken Fried Steak and waffle fries is hard to beat. Add the gray and toast, it was a regular lunch spot in my college days. Something that looking at my gut now I think might have been a bad idea.

2. Abuelo's, various locales mainly Texas, For restaurants this place has very good Cheese enchilada's not to mention just about the best chile rellanos I've ever had.

1. Hers, Rochester Texas, I'm sure most of you know I'm really particular about my steak. Well because of this quirk of mine I will almost never eat at a steak house. Well, when my friends family opened this restaurant it became a steak house I would eat at it has the best restaurant steak you'll ever eat. Oh, and Chris, if you have to have a sauce, the steak wasn't done right.

Anonymous said...

Alright..ill play.

1. Chicken Oil Company, Bryan Tx. I've not had a Storms burger, so i can't compare the two, but the best burger ive ever had is from Chicken Oil. I used to live across the street from there. I used to be a lot skinnier.

2.Sho Chiku Sushi, Granbury Tx. (now closed..but i really wished they would have stayed open.) Some people might not think that you could get really good sushi in an old dairy queen that is half sushi parlor, half doughnut hut. Those people are fools and they missed out on some mighty fine sushi.

3.Las Mananitas, Seguin Tx. Im what you might call a breakfast taco connoisseur (yeah i had to look up how to spell it.) Ive tried breakfast tacos all across this great state, and the best i've found were at this little hole in the wall in Seguin. I reccomend the carne guisada

4. Clear Springs Restaurant, Clear Springs Tx. You like fried catfish and fixins? Heres your place. Not to mention the onion ring appetizer conisists of a giant plate of the finest onion rings to ever exist. Want a perfect day?Follow these instructions. Go to New Braunfels, float the river. Hit the showers, get gussied up, go to Clear Springs for dinner and then go to Gruene for some live music. I dare you to top that day.

5.Posados/Mercados all over Tx/Louisiana (technically they are the same restaurant with different names. Not sure why..but same menus and food and everything) Good Tex-Mex food. Chicken Fajita Enchiladas, rice, tortilla soup. Free ice cream cone to boot.

CWC said...

In your fun-filled day in which you dine at Clear Springs Restaurant, you mentioned going to Gruene Hall for some live music. On the best day you can think of, who's playin that night? BTW, interesting yet unfamiliar choices....

In response to your comment about not needing steak quote what Garth Brooks said to Robert Duvall in a SNL sketch in 1998,"Damn. you are grizzled." I guess growing up in Central-Texas makes you that way, huh?,)

Anonymous said...

Well..its a perfect day, so i guess it would have to be a song swap between the ghosts of Johnny Cash and Townes Van Zandt.

If its folks among the living, id go with The Old 97's, with The Happen-ins opening up.

B.J. said...

Thanks for the compliment, at least I think it was a compliment. Also, its West Texas Chris.

CWC said...

Central Texas, BJ. Haha

Hoop said...

Where ya from b.j.?

B.J. said...

Knox City, Hoop.

Anonymous said...

Looking to settle your disagreement, I looked on a map...that looks like great plains/central texas to me.

Joko said...

i thought "west texas" was Lubbock....

RES said...

oh man I want some chicken fried steak now! top 5

Castillos Stephenville, Tx great pancakes, chicken enchiladas, all around grease pot to fill the late night hunger pangs of alcoholism

Willies Too-Dexter NY-great wings and great burgers cold beverages and barmaids that have your drink ready for you before you sit down. AMAZING Thursday is wing night by the way

B-1 Radcliff KY Tiny asian food joint that serves about anything you want even stuff not on the menu. make friends with the owner and he will have complement appetizers made specially for your table

El Rodeo-Ozark AL-up to standard mexican food at incredible prices with amazing drink specials and a wonderful texas margarita...yum

Havana Rumba, Louisville, KY words cant describe the yumminess of the grouper there and the sweet potato fries. Everything we have had there was amazing.

shout out to Ischiban Japanese steakhouse in Syracuse NY, that place in Saltillo Mexico that we don't know the name of, and the Pizza joint in Ireland that rocked our world, NY pizzaria in Watertown, NY

We are on the look out for what will become our new favorite place in Fayetteville or surrounding area. cant wait to find it

CWC said...


Wow. Even though I will probably never frequent any of those establishments (except Castillos), I respect the geographical locations of the restaurants in which you've given "a day in court." To paraphrase Geoff Mack in his 1959 hit made famous by Lucky Starr, you've been Everywhere (thanks WIKI). Why doesn't AKS ever Jive?

RES said...

I will tell him to get with the program. However I do share the jives with him. He was a contributor to the list o' restaurants. I will tell him you want some solid input though.