About Christopher Chamberlain

Christopher Chamberlain found his passion in life after being assigned a video project in his high school Speech class. He realized that he had a creative side that was undiscovered up until that moment. After his video was praised by most of the faculty and student body, Christopher knew that he had found a medium that would allow him to express himself creatively while satisfying his need to entertain others.

Although he briefly studied film at Texas Christian University, most of Christopher’s knowledge about filmmaking originated from years of self-study and experience. Christopher ChamberlainHe owns an extensive library of books covering such subjects as The History of Film and Film Aesthetics. Those books, along with his favorite, “Rebel Without a Crew” by director Robert Rodriguez, have helped shape his own personal style of filmmaking. When he’s not working, Christopher enjoys writing screenplays and directing films for competitions.

After a year of playing football at McMurry University, Christopher began to focus more on academics while attending Tarleton State University. At TSU, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communications with minors in English and history. Two years later, he earned a Master’s Degree in Business Management. He also received a teaching certificate in Special Education and Speech.

In his spare time, Christopher has many interests (other than filmmaking). He is a (long suffering) fan of the Texas Rangers, a devoted Seinfeld fan, a reader of autobiographies, appreciator of many genres of music, and a student of popular culture...not to mention the self-proclaimed “greatest Pac-Man player in the world!”