Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bad Movies

What are my Top5 worst movies? This should be fun....

I finally got around to seeing Revolutionary Road the other day. It was an unpleasant cinematic experience to say the least. I had some thoughts about this movie that starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.
I thought:

- that I shouldnt drive for a while in fear that I might subconsciencely drive off a bridge

- that if Jack didn't die at the end of Titanic and married Rose, would their marriage end up like the one in this movie?

- that this movie was "the Anti-Notebook". Many people who love The Notebook should be issued a copy of Revolutionary Road. Then, each time they watch Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling's torrid love affair and get depressed that something like that never happens to them, they can put in Revolutionary Road and be happy to be single.

Since this movie did make me think(terrible thoughts, mind you), I can't consider it to be a bad movie. It was just an unpleasant experience...much like watching The Passion of the Christ. However, I have 5 movies that I consider the worst of the worst. Here they are:

5. Fever Pitch - Real baseball fans don't act like Jimmy Fallon in this movie. And by the way, I hate the Boston Red Sox.

4. Van Helsing- I remember looking at the walls instead of the screen during this assaulting mess.

3. Swept Away - Madonna plays the least likable character that I've ever seen in movies. Poor Guy Ritchie.

2. Lady in the Water- I think that M. Night Shyamalan's films are unfairly judged. I liked The Happening even though every critic panned it. But this movie was terrible. Turrible, turrible, turrible...

1. On the Line - starring Lance Bass...should I say more? I will. I have been known to watch this movie because I enjoy hating it. On two seperate occasions, friends of mine have threatened to leave if I didn't turn it off. Justin Timberlake's cameo in the credits only pours salt in the wounds.

Shoutout to Jaws the Revenge, I Am Legend, and The Step Mom

I wanna know your worst movies. Until next time....
Demand Satisfaction,