Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hearts and Thoughts

The Jive is back! Thank you Joe for submitting this. Perhaps this will be the catalyst I need to write again. - C.C.

  I am honored to be a part of Top5 Productions and their Jive.  For our friend group, Pearl Jam is universally liked and is probably the band most in our Top5….but that conversation is for another day.  Pearl Jam has been an American staple in the last twenty years in regards to “grunge rock.”  Pearl Jam has recently came out with a new album that I believe is their best in ten years.  For this jive though I haven’t included any of those songs to the list….but give them time.  (Yellow Moon, Sirens, Lightning Bolt, Getaway)

  For most of my life I have been able to say that my favorite band is Pearl Jam.  As an awkward 6th grader I remember listening to ‘Ten’ with friends and cousins.  When I got a little bit older and “matured” I can remember many high school nights after practice or even on the weekend “cooling down” by listening to some PJ as I played video games (really cool high schooler as you could imagine).  I can even remember celebrating my first date with a girl by coming home and listening to the entire Vs album.  Later in life after having surgery and being down in the dumps I turned to my old friend Eddie to guide me through my walk.  I am not a concert junkie but seeing PJ in Dallas in 2003 was a highlight in my musical voyage.   Even coaching after a big win I can remember vividly hearing “Amongst the Waves” and rocking out on the bus.  Now I can’t think of a better gift to give to Nolan than a list on my iPhone of Pearl Jam for us to enjoy together.
  I love the band and can’t wait to see them live again. Pearl Jam is a band that everyone knows but few understand.  I have spent a great deal of time listening to PJ in the past three months to write this, I guess time on the mower paid off after all.  I hope that if nothing else you can take a few minutes just to listen to the new album or even some old stuff that makes you think about the past, enjoy. 

Joko’s Top PJ Songs
1.       Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
2.       Off He Goes
3.       Black
4.       Daughter
5.       I Got Id

HM:   Man of the Hour; Yellow Ledbetter; Faithfull; Rearviewmirror; Alive

Bonus Joko’s Top PJ Songs You Won’t Hear on the Radio
1.       Amongst the Waves
2.       Release
3.       Thumbing My Way
4.       Around the Bend
5.       The Fixer

HM:  Nothingman; Red, Black, Yellow; Just Breathe; Present Tense;  Nothing As It Seems; No Way; Porch

Bonus Bonus Joko’s top PJ Covers
1.       Everyday People
2.       Rocking in the Free World
3.       Baba O’Riley
4.       Patriot
5.       Sittin on the Dock of the Bay

HM:  The Kids Are Alright; You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away; Harvest Moon; Can’t Help Falling In Love; I Believe In Miracles; Rein on Me